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Goat Trotters

Goat Trotters


100% Australian Goat Trotter.


Goat is a great source of Vitamin B3, B12 and Iron. Goat is also a low allergen meat which makes it a great choice for dogs with sensitive stomaches. 


Our goat trotters come with fur still attached so you can be sure no naties have been used to remove some of the benifical parts of the treat. 


Fur has great health benifits for dogs. Fur has 6 to 10 times the ammout of manganese found in organ and meats. Manganese plays a key role in liver and kidney function and developing strong ligaments. Fur is also high in fiber which helps make firm stool and express anal glands. Fur doesnt break down as it moves through the digestive tract, instead in sweeps out any build ups which can become yeast and paracite breeding grounds.

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